As part of the implementation of the national competitiveness strategy, the Entreprises Upgrading Office (BMN) is created by decree no. 221/CAB/PM of December 16, 2011. With its autonomy of management, the BMN is under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development.


The BMN’s main mission is to implement the government’s policy to support the upgrading and restructuring of industrial enterprises in Cameroon.

It also has the prerogatives to:

  • Develop and implement enterprises upgrading and quality management programmes, in conjunction with relevant ministerial departments and enterprise management structures;
  • Propose to the Government any measures that can contribute to the success of the upgrading programmes and improvement of the quality in the enterprises;
  • Also ensure the best financing conditions for the programme through coordination between different sources of funding and negotiation of funding programmes at bilateral and multilateral level;
  • Define and apply the eligibility criteria of enterprises to the upgrading programme and the procedures for granting bonuses to such enterprises;
  • Provide incentives for tangible and intangible investments to enterprises participating in upgrading programmes;
  • Contribute to the definition and implementation of the Government’s policy on enterprises upgrading and improving the quality of cameroonian products;
  • Ensure coordination of development partner interventions and all actions related to upgrading and quality promotion for cameroonian enterprises.


Confidentiality: The BMN reviews the records of voluntary enterprises in a confidential manner.

Coaching: Each enterprise benefits from personalized and continuous follow-up during the various stages of the upgrading process. The team of experts intervenes in terms of support and advice.

Linking: A database of consultants and consulting firms is put online, in order to support the enterprises in its search for providers for the development of its upgrading plan.

Multidisciplinary: the BMN team, built on a competitive basis, is composed of high-level experts in various fields to ensure a complete and quality support to cameroonian enterprises.