Industrial entrepreneurs, with the BMN you:

  • master best practices in management, production and social responsibility.
  • Catch up with industry-specific standards and competitiveness standards.
  • Turn your business into a champion of productivity and profitability.

The BMN offers industrial enterprises:

  • support for strategic thinking,

  • the financial contribution to the investment,

  • coaching in the implementation of upgrading options.

BONUSES OFFERED TO ENTERPRISES:                                           

  • 100% of the costs of pre-diagnostics, diagnostics of management systems according to international standards,
  • 80% of the costs of support for the implementation and certification of management systems according to international standards,
  • 80% of intangible investment costs (human resources management, organization, know-how, studies, prospecting, other technical assistance, training, etc.) identified as part of the upgrading plans approved by the Steering Committee,
  • the granting of financial premiums on physical investments made by enterprises at the end of the process. To finance the intangible investments of these enterprises, NUP is assisted by three financial institution partners:
    1. African Leasing Company (ALC) which supports the financing needs of companies admitted to the upgrading program by offering them the following products at preferential conditions:
      • leasing
      • lease-back
      • long-term rental of equipment
      • simple rental
      • le crédit d’investissement
      • debt collection
      • l’affacturage.
    2. The African Guarantee and Economic Cooperation Fund (FAGACE) which offers companies benefiting from PNMAN the following products under preferential conditions:
      • la garantie des crédits d’investissement
      • la bonification des taux d’intérêt
      • l’allongement de la durée des crédits
      • equity investment
      • management of funds on behalf of third parties
      • direct financing of loans
    3. The Cameroonian Bank of Small and Medium Enterprises (BCPME) qui s’engage à
      • provide as much as possible support to SMEs oriented towards it by the BMN in support of financing in strict compliance with its corporate purpose, its credit policy and within the limits of the resources at its disposal;
      • grant as much as possible preferential facilities to companies admitted to PNMAN who are referred to them by the BMN to meet their financing needs;
      • diriger vers le BMN toutes les entreprises des secteurs cibles pré-cités qui correspondent aux critères d’éligibilité du BMN et qui présentent dans leur fonctionnement des difficultés de: management, gestion, distribution, marketing, vente, fonctionnement de chaînes de production, restructuration;
      • rechercher, développer et promouvoir dans le cadre des missions qui lui sont assignées, des solutions et mécanismes innovants facilitant l’accès des PME aux financements.

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