Enterprises' eligibility for the certification and upgrading support process will be based on the following criteria:

    1. Have a turnover greater than or equal to CFA francs 50 for the overall upgrading or at least CFA francs 35 million for the specific upgrading.

    2. Be an enterprise governed by Cameroonian law with a majority of cameroonian capital and in operation for at least two years,

    3. Produce a copy of his:
      • Tax Clearance Certificate,
      • NSIF Certification,
      • Trade register,
      • Taxpayer card,
      • Certificate of non-bankruptcy
    4. Belong to one of the identified priority areas:
      • Wood,
      • Textile,
      • Agri-Food
      • Tourism
      • Chemistry
      • Leather and shoes,
      • Metallurgy,
      • Iron and steel industry,
      • Mechanics,
      • Electricity,
      • Electronics and Household Appliances,
      • Buildings, Roads, Bridges
      • Services related to industry
    5. Have the technical and organizational capabilities to conduct an upgrading process,
    6. Produce certified financial statements,
    7. Industrial processing accounts for at least 50% of turnover (last accounting year).

You voluntarily join the National Upgrading Programme (NUP) and you commit (Head of the Company) to respect the terms of support of the NUP; it being understood that the upgrading does not concern neither bankrupt enterprises, or start-ups.

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