Awareness raising in Garoua for the membership of SMEs in Approved Management Centres

The Enterprise Upgrading Office (BMN) took part on 27 June 2019 in Garoua in the awareness caravan for the membership of Smes in approved management centres (CGA) organized by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Crafts (MINPMEESA).

This event chaired by the Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III served as a framework for the BMN to raise awareness of the National Upgrade Program (PNMAN) In particular, the Programme d'Industrialisation et de Valorisation des Produits Agroalimentaires (PIVPA), funded by the French Development Agency (AFD). 

The BMN team, led by Industry Expert Luc NYETAM, was deployed through a stand exhibiting BMN products and services. She gave herself to heart during the visit of her stand by the Minister followed by business leaders, to explain the missions of the BMN and the support offered to agri-food entrepreneurs through the PIVPA, the upgrading of target companies to enhance their competitiveness in local and international markets. 

The PIVPA covers the period 2017-2019 and is financed to the tune of FCFA 07 billion under the third C2D (Development Deleveraging Contract) concluded on 30 June 2016 between Cameroon and France, as part of the additional effort to cancel Cameroon’s debt to France, with a view to strengthening the competitiveness of agri-food enterprises.

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