Dear Internet users,

First of all, thank you for your interest in the BMN by visiting its website. In deciding to put the BMN online, we wanted to express our willingness to open access to our activities to the various parties involved in the upgrading in general, and to enterprises in particular.

Engaged in a dynamic of modernization of the industrial compagnies and improvement of the business environment, through the increase of the productivity of the enterprises, the support of the enterprises in various fields (Technical, Financial, Organization, Marketing, Standards and Quality), the BMN has become over the years, the main interface of the Government with the private sector as well as a tool to accompany private investment.

Membership of the National Upgrading Programme (NUP) is voluntary for all enterprises in the selected target sectors: Wood and furniture, Textile and clothing, Food processing, Tourism, Chemistry, Leather and Shoes, Metallurgy, Iron and steel industry, Mechanics, Electricity, Electronics and household appliances, building and construction, Services related to industry, etc. whose profile corresponds to the eligibility criteria as defined by the Steering Committee.

Enterprises are invited to complete the membership forms available on this site under the heading “JOIN”.

NUP currently benefits for the tangible and intangible aspects of the financing of the French Development Agency (AFD) through the Development Deleveraging Contract (C2D) for enterprises in the agri-food sector, also Government funding for other sectors. Other partnerships are being negotiated.

In terms of know-ho, the BMN has built a team of national and international experts and excellent relations with top-level development partners for a quick and safe settlement of all operations with the cameroonian private sector.

Our objectives are mainly to consolidate our position as a key player in the upgrading and restructuring process in a spirit of modernity and efficiency that puts the enterprises at the center of our concerns; strengthen our capacity for multidisciplinary intervention in the economy and ensure the sustainability of our funding.

Aware of the quality of the information generated by the site and the interest you will have in it, please feel free to share your comments that will be of great help to us in order to give you all the information you need because this site remains perfectible.

Beyond that, we invite all the players in the private and public sector and future partners to join us, as soon as possible, to build a «win/win» relationship in order to further our country’s economic outreach.

Finally, I would like to assure you of our commitment and determination to undertake everything in order to better support you in a process of quality of services and innovation.

Thank you and wish you a good browsing on

                                                            Marie Rose Chantal ELOMBAT MBEDEY