The Upgrading Office consists of a Steering Committee established by decision no. 016/CAB/PM of 20 April 2012 and an Operational Office.

The Steering Committee is mainly responsible for guiding and validating the activities of the Operational Office.

In this respect, it decides on the admission of enterprises to upgrading programmes and on the granting of bonuses. Its tripartite composition reflecting the desire to integrate all players in the promotion of industry and the development of the country is as follows:

  • Public Sector College : 05 representatives;
  • Non-bank private sector college : 04 representatives;
  • College of the private banking and financial sector : 03 representatives.

Any other natural or legal person may be invited to attend in an advisory capacity because of his competence on the matters on the agenda.

Pr Isaac TAMBA

     Pr Isaac TAMBA, Chairman


Under the authority of its Director, the Office is responsible for ensuring the proper execution of the decisions taken by the Steering Committee and the tasks assigned to it, in particular:

  • Operational implementation of upgrading and quality promotion actions;
  • Development of upgrading processes;
  • Signing of contracts with enterprises applying for bonuses;
  • The periodic transmission of a progress report to the Minister in charge of the economy;
  • Ensures the confidentiality of diagnostics, strategic upgrading plans and any information whose dissemination could harm enterprises.

Chantal ELOMBAT-MBEDEY, Director