Business support: the consulting sector is now equipped


Last December, the Enterprises Upgrading Office organized five training courses for them.

The Enterprises Upgrading Office (BMN) has just added to the ranks of consulting experts likely to be mobilized both to assist businesses in carrying out their upgrading plan and to monitor their performance progress, and the implementation of the most recent versions of the ISO 9001: 2015 ; ISO 22000 and 45001 management systems standards.

From November 30 to December 04, 2020, the BMN has indeed organized in Douala, five training courses dedicated in particular to technological and financial consultants. These trainings also concerned consultants working in the fields of human resources, marketing-commerce, methodology of strategic business diagnosis according to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), implementation of an upgrading plan.

 The themes related to quality were also at the heart of these training courses which mobilized quality, health and safety managers and where it was also a question of the implementation in companies of the international standards ISO 9001: 2015; ISO 45001: 2018; ISO 22000: 2018.

After five intense days, participants expressed their satisfaction with the choice of training modules and the organization. This is the case of Sylvie Poumiba, who participated in the workshop " improvement of management system audit techniques (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000 ". IRCA systems management auditor, she maintains that this training allowed " to acquire tools to make a positive contribution to improving the performance of enterprises as part of support missions for the implementation and verification of the compliance of management systems ».

Un avis partagé notamment par Aristide Ekamby. Pour ce consultant QHSE, « au travers de ces initiatives répétées depuis sa création, le BMN démontre nettement qu’il y a un véritable effort national consenti pour arrimer nos entreprises aux standards internationaux. Pour ma part, seules les organisations dotées de travailleurs compétents peuvent prétendre à la pérennité et à l’émergence de leurs activités. Le secteur conseil auquel j’appartiens avait aussi besoin d’un coup de pouce pour mieux contribuer à bâtir, ou à consolider le capital humain de nos entreprises », explique-t-il.

L’organisation par le BMN de ces formations rentre dans le cadre de l’implémentation d’un des axes de sa stratégie qui consiste à doter le secteur conseil d’outils adéquats en vue de l’accompagnement efficace et efficient des entreprises afin qu’elles créent davantage de la richesse.


Armelle MANKO, Quality Consultant: “This training was important for the consultants”.

It was an intense week, rich in sharing. Being a trainer cannot be improvised! It was important for the Business Coaching Consultants in setting up a management system to be equipped with the fundamentals of adult learning pedagogy. Concretely, the topics covered ranged from the design of a training course to facilitation techniques through the key elements for the development of a training offer. From now on, we are Consultants - Trainers. For all this, I would like to thank the BMN for its constant commitment to the development of Cameroonian companies and their actors. I hope in the near future that additional training to this one on the cold assessment of a training will emerge.

Aristide EKAMBY, QHSE Consultant: "The consulting sector also needed a boost"

First of all, I would like to thank all the actors of the BMN and to the Director of the BMN for allowing me to participate in this week of knowledge exchange during which I was very enriched with new Knowledge. Through these repeated initiatives since its creation, the BMN clearly demonstrates that there is a real national effort made to align our companies with international standards. For me, only organizations with competent workers can claim the sustainability and emergence of their activities. The consulting sector to which I belong also needed a boost to better contribute to building or consolidating the human capital of our companies; in particular thanks to quality training. As we hoped, the training of trainers was indeed the framework where we shared our experiences and adopted new professional approaches with other experts and our trainer whom I thank in passing. These will make it possible to provide more appropriate solutions adapted to the real needs of our companies in order to improve the skills of workers. Finally, allow me to express that I am particularly satisfied and proud to be a player in improving skills and quality for the competitiveness of our Country.

Placide EBE, Enterprises Upgrading Expert: "Each training experience is an enriching experience"

At the end of 04 days of training on the theme of training coaching experts for the upgrading and restructuring of companies, I express a feeling of assurance and motivation to do better in the context of support missions for enterprises coaching.

Each training experience is an experience of enriching, sharing and widening the circle of professional relationships. This training was for me both a retraining in conducting a diagnosis and an apprenticeship in the profession of business support. As they say we killed two or even three birds with one stone because beyond that I established professional relationships with other upgrading experts.

I am more committed than ever to making an informed contribution to efforts to improve the productivity of our businesses wherever the need arises. Allow me to say thank you Luc Nyetam our trainer for all the expertise and passion he deploys to bring us to the top. Also thank Madam Elombat, director of the BMN who tirelessly invests to develop our capacities in the business of enterprises upgrading.

 Carine NANA NDJOUBO, accountant auditor - Financial experts - Tax expert: "We are able to better support enterprises"

First of all, I thank the government of Cameroon through the Ministries of Economy, Finance and MINEPAT through the Director of BMN who is working to upgrade Cameroonian companies. Having previously benefited from training in Financial diagnosis, I was captivated by the Notice of Call for Expression of Interest launched by the Upgrading Office for the recruitment of consultants to be trained to support businesses. When I receive my letter for the training, I am not sure what it is all about, but at the same time I am happy to be among the lucky ones. When the so-called training day arrives, I tell myself that everyone will be trained in their field, but my surprise is great when the different experts sit in the training room to prepare meticulously while emphasizing barrier measures . I see that all the expertise trades are there. The trainer will take the floor to unfold the training schedule for us while giving us a safety briefing. After all the usual conveniences, we have approached the body of the subject which is The Accompaniment. Coming to day 3 of our training in the coaching profession, I would say that I am satisfied with the training received. This is because we had reminders, evaluations, homework as well as practical cases allowing us to better understand this profession.

To conclude, I would say that upon leaving here we are able to support companies in upgrading their fonctions.

I would like to thank our trainer who knew how to put us in the shoes of the coaches without forgetting the Director who never ceases to put us in better conditions during training.

Carole Stephanie Kacmany Tientcheu : “We were taught how to evaluate the progression of the companies”

I take home from this training, a lot of emotions. Firstly, gratitude towards the national Upgrading office for training consultants so they fit for the needs of enterprises. Secondly, a great feeling of wonder at how important a task it is, to coach an enterprise into becoming more competitive. Finally, it is empowering to know that you have recieved the right tools to tackle such an important job.

Calculation tools to enable a good review of an enterprise’s productivity were given. We were also taught how to evaluate the progression of the companies we are mentoring or coaching, and above that we were taught to evaluate ourselves.

The tools and skills acquired during this training will help us add value to the enterprises that will entrust unto us their development and growth.

Sylvie Poumiba, IRCA Management Systems auditor: "Our expectations were fully met"

We would like to thank the BMN for this hand extended unceasingly within the framework of the capacity building of Consultants / Auditors that we are.

The theme of this training is the improvement of management systems audit techniques (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22000). As Director of LAC consulting, I was able to benefit from good practices in terms of Audits and it goes without saying that this will be used in our various interventions as part of future audits of our current client portfolio and to come up.

A travers les échanges, le partage d’expérience et traitement des cas pratiques, nous sortons de cette formation avec des outils nous permettant de contribuer favorablement à l’amélioration des performances des entreprises dans le cadre des missions d’accompagnement à la mise en place et de vérification de la conformité des systèmes de management.

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