Skills development: BMN and PADESCE consult

The two institutions held a working session today in Yaoundé to define the framework for their future cooperation.

The meeting room of the Business Upgrade Office (BMN) served as the setting on July 08, 2022 for the working session between the BMN and the Projet d’Appui au développement de l’enseignement secondaire et des compétences pour la croissance et l’emploi (PADESCE). Cette séance de travail qui fait suite to l’audience qu’a accordée Chantal ELOMBAT MBEDEY, directeur du BMN to Paulette BAYIHA, general coordinator of PADESCE, was punctuated by two major articulations.

The first consisted of the presentation of the two institutions. As part of this exercise, Dr. BAYIHA and his collaborators have succinctly declined the missions, as well as the main areas of intervention of PADESCE. The BMN complied with the same exercise through the voice of Luc NYETAM, its industry expert who mentioned, among other things, the missions, achievements and prospects of the Office, a central player in upgrading in Cameroon.

Following this presentation, and as a prelude to the exchanges between the two parties, Chantal ELOMBAT MBEDEY underlined “ the important role of the BMN in the implementation of the National Development Strategy which aims in particular at the structural transformation of the Cameroonian economy ».

The second articulation of this working session focused on the potential axes of cooperation between the BMN and the PADESCE. Essentially, the two parties have agreed to set up a formal cooperation framework very soon to boost the production of the skills needed by companies, the main providers of wealth and jobs. The collaborators of the two managers have been instructed to prepare the agreement which will legally frame this cooperation which already sounds like a significant contribution to the improvement of the business ecosystem and the fight against unemployment in Cameroon.

For the record, PADESCE, through its competitive skills development mechanism (MCDC) is the result of consultations between the Cameroonian Government and the World Bank for the acceleration of the reforms initiated in the SND30.

The Cameroonian government and the World Bank (WB) have indeed conducted a series of analytical studies on the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system, including the one entitled “ compétences pour l’emploi et la diversification de l’économie au Cameroun ».

According to the conclusions of these studies Cameroon's TVET system does not produce the right types and levels of skills that can meet the current demand of the formal sector of the economy and ensure the economic transformation (diversification and competitiveness) expected by 2035 ».



Dr Paulette BAYIHA, General Coordinator of PADESCE: "We want the BMN to guide us"

We wanted to come today to the Business Upgrading Office to soak up its experience and work out together the axes of future collaboration. We wanted to soak up the experience of the BMN in terms of business support because in one of our counters we have support for SMEs and therefore the activities of the National Upgrading Office interest us. to more than one title. The BMN is a pioneer in supporting businesses, and we want it to serve as a bit of a guide in what we want to do.



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