Cameroon is now entering second-generation agriculture, with the mechanization of its production tools. The result will be an increase in food production which will require processing, drying, storage and storage units as well as marketing, while respecting production standards, phytosanitary and commercial. The government’s ambition is to make Cameroon the breadbasket of Central Africa. In fact, an agro-industrial technopole was created for this purpose in Ouassa-Babouté.

For those in this sector, the Agricols Industrialization and Product Development Programme (IPAP) has been effective since 2018 at BMN and aims to upgrading agri-food enterprises. 

In addition, it promotes the consolidation of the standardisation of Smes in the agro-industrial productive sector through the creation of value chains at national level, with particular emphasis on those in the North, Far North, East and NorthWest. 

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